Post Election Wrap Up

Post Election Wrap Up - Plano FamiliesCongratulations! The voters have spoken and we are thrilled that PISD President, Tammy Richards, VP, Nancy Humphrey, and Secretary, Marilyn Hinton will be returning to the school board. We also congratulate returning board members Carrolyn Moebius, Missy Bender and our new Mayor, Harry Rosiliere.

We look forward to seeing what all of our elected officials will do for our city and schools. With the election over, the winning candidates represent ALL citizens of Plano and Plano ISD and deserve our support. After all, we are Plano Families!

How Did PF Begin and Why?

Plano Families began advocating and informing voters in the Plano ISD school board election when we read in the Plano Star Courier about a PAC that had formed to specifically “replace certain board members”. While the PAC later said they were impartial and would interview each candidate and research their positions, the leadership of the PAC had already endorsed candidates that later became their slate. Plano Families had two goals when it started: 1) to help educate the voters about the voting record of incumbents and be a source of information on all candidates about their strengths and weakness in the areas such as leadership, vision and decision making and 2) to endorse and promote candidates that would best serve the citizens, students and families of the Plano and Plano ISD community.

How Does Plano Families Work?

Unlike a PAC, Plano Families does not fundraise, accepts no donations, has no structure and does not disburse funds to candidates or on behalf of candidates. ( We encourage direct donations to candidates ) If you want to donate directly to a candidate of your choice, you are welcome to do so, but it is not part of the Plano Families advocacy. Instead, we encourage volunteers to use social media, reach out to their friends through email and phone calls, participate in block walking and learn how to be effective advocates. In fact, we invited an expert advocate to learn how to do this kind of grassroots advocacy more effectively so we could make our voices heard and our votes count.

The Newspapers Have it Wrong – We’re EVERY Party!

Five newspaper articles were written that included information on Plano Families. Each time, they referred to Plano Families as a ‘Tea Party.’ Everyone knows the easiest way to distract from the issues is to name call. The Tea Party may have positive or negative connotations for some, but the reality is that volunteers and supporters of Plano Families are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and some say they could best be described as apolitical. School board and city council/mayor races are non-partisan and the candidates that Plano Families supports are not based on any party affiliation. Endorsements are based on extensive research into candidate’s positions on: 1) issues, including both their published responses to questionnaires and voting records for incumbents, 2) character, values, and community involvement, 3) experience relevant to the position and 4) vision for the future.

Big Name Endorsements

Plano Families decided that the atmosphere for the 2013 election was so negative, that touting the names of volunteers and supporters was just setting them up for intimidation and even threats.

Great Efforts!

School board candidates Paul Kaminsky and Steven Kravit didn’t win this time. For Paul, it was a four way race and he had a great showing. If you met Paul, you appreciated his down to earth style, teacher and student-centered priorities. Steven walked away with an outstanding 5,362 votes against a two-time incumbent. Their opponents spent a lot of money on the campaigns and it is clear that Plano ISD Trustee elections have become quite expensive.

Mayoral candidate Fred Moses garnered a lot of support from folks that know him and his humble, servant heart. He will continue his work at his company, Telecom, here in Plano, his strong philanthropy, and his positive energy and dedicated service in the community will continue in his role as Chairman of the Republican Party of Collin County.

MONEY & the Future of Plano Families

Plano is a big city and Plano ISD includes more than just Plano! It has become very expensive to run a competitive school board race and get your message out. We think a race about “local control” should have a lower hurdle so that it does not become a position reserved for the financially elite. With that in mind, Plano Families is reviewing our strategy for the future with the main question – Do we remain completely organic and a little disorganized with volunteers just jumping in to do bits and pieces as available or do we become a formal PAC and help fund candidates to benefit the community? If you’d like to weigh in on this question, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

We are Plano Families!

PISD Candidate Spotlight Series: TAMMY RICHARDS


Throughout Tammy Richards’ 30 year business career and extensive volunteer service, she has worked in support of education. She has worked with school districts across the nation and educators across the globe. Tammy has lived in Plano for 25 years, and she has had children in Plano ISD schools for 14 years.

1. I will support our excellent teaching staff. We must ensure that our teachers are well-supported inside and outside the classroom and that we remain the school district of choice for great teachers.
2. I will support the expansion of choices for students. Students and families appreciate choices. For many, college is the next step after high school graduation. For others, personal choice or circumstances may require that they graduate from high school with marketable job skills. Our educational system must support both.
3. I will promote the development of educational systems to support our diverse populations. As our student population becomes more diverse, we must ensure that our curricular and pedagogical systems support all students. A diverse classroom and school environment offers richness to the experience and education of our students and will prepare them well for a global work environment.
4. I will ensure that our curriculum and pedagogy includes the best of time-testing teaching methodologies and embraces the best of the new technology-enabled instruction. I will support real math curriculum, not Connected Math.
5. I will support effective partnerships. Fostering an environment with transparent and mutually respectful communication with parents, administrators, and the community is critical to providing the best education for our children. Partnering with our city leaders in Plano and Richardson will allow us to maintain Plano ISD’s sterling reputation as a model community for families and children. And we will partner with education leaders and state legislators in Austin to advocate for our community and ensure that our community’s needs are well understood and served.
6. I will work together with my fellow board members and the administration to provide an exemplary education and an exemplary experience for all Plano ISD students.
7. I will strive for all Plano ISD schools to be equally great and to be acknowledged as such by our community.

Every student successful! Every school successful!
I am Tammy Richards, and I would be honored to have your vote for re-election to Plano School Board, Place 1. For more information, please go to

Candidate Spotlight Series: STEVEN KRAVIT & NANCY HUMPHREY

This CANDIDATE SPOTLIGHT is on STEVEN KRAVIT and NANCY HUMPHREY. They were both urged by friends and fellow parents to run for School Board. If you haven’t met them below is their introduction.


1. Fiscal Accountability – With my experience as a CEO and COO I know how to dissect a budget. I have done it in my career. I will make rational, sound, consensus-based decisions while always being cognizant of the student, teacher, district, and your tax dollar. “I’m all for the academy, but I’m against the principle of what happened that night when we laid off 223 teachers and took on more costs to manage that building.” It is not our job to invest taxpayer dollars on a ‘want’ while letting go the prize reason people move to Plano, our teachers!
2. Teachers Are the Experts – We as trustees must be open to dialog regarding their concerns. The teachers are in the class every day and they see the demands and restrictions we can lift or lessen. I want to hear from them.
3. Keep our schools secure for students, teachers, and parents.
4. Examine Curriculum and how STARR is logistically given – Connected Math has created more failings than successes. We need to evaluate the effectiveness. STARR needs to be administered logistically in a way that minimizes students having nothing to do all day at school.
5. Test Integrity – Currently, PISD mandates that students cannot take many tests home with them. Parents have to make an appointment with the teacher, taking time from their own schedule and most importantly taking teachers away from their students. This is an unproductive use of time.
6. Develop a confidential hotline for teachers to address concerns without the fear of punishment. We must be open to hearing from them. They want our district to succeed.
7. I will be a public servant and available to speak with you. Because you have made the investment to raise your children in our schools, you deserve to be heard.

I would be honored by your vote, STEVE KRAVIT FOR PLACE 7! For more information go to

Nancy Humphrey – PLACE 3 Stands For:

1. Relationship Builder – I believe listening to parents, teachers, neighboring officials, and legislators has built critical relationships based on mutual respect and desire to do what is right for the community.
2. Trust – Fellow board members voted for me as Vice President.
3. Transparency – I took on the board’s transparency guidelines to permit the public’s ability to bring non-agenda items to PISD Board Meetings.
4. Leadership – I did not vote for the $6M building for the Academy.
5. After reelection I would like to continue building key relationships to gain and share ‘best practices’ from other school districts.
6. Financial Knowledge – I am a former CPA. I provide accounting expertise in my role as a trustee.
7. Evaluate Work Processes – We place demands on our teachers. I want to implement a ‘Strategic Abandonment Practices’ to eliminate some of the procedures that consume teachers time away from the student.

I am here to listen to you! Vote for Nancy Humphrey

If you want more information on the candidates, check our website:
Plano Families endorsed candidates are:
FRED MOSES – Mayor –

‘Like’ our ‘Plano Families‘ page on Facebook and learn more about the candidates at
Please tell 10 friends to consider these candidates as well. They are the ‘Difference Makers’ our city needs!

Is there a question you would like answered by a candidate? Email us and we could put it on the next newsletter!

*Leadership that is self-serving is set up for self-destruction. Leadership that is servant-minded preserves and great nation!

Candidate Spotlight Series: PAUL KAMINSKY & MARILYN HINTON


– Served our country for 20 yrs., in the Army, and now substitute teaches at PISD. Below is what candidates Paul Kaminsky and Marilyn Hinton will stand for as your PISD board member:

1.TEACHERS! As a substitute teacher I see different perspectives I can bring to the board. We have incredible educators that have strong, sound ideas that should be considered in PISD procedures.
2.Fiscal Responsibility – The same day PISD let go of 233 teachers, we bought a multi-million dollar building. My opponent says the property value has increased 3 times since the purchase. I will not be a real estate agent with your tax $’s. We had existing space available that should have been considered. Thank you Tammy Richards and Nancy Humphrey for voting ‘no’ on the purchase of the new building.
3.I will oppose any reduction of teachers or increase in classroom size.
4.Special Needs – Continue good processes but introduce new initiatives for these children in the classroom.
5.Make our schools safe for students, teachers, and parents.
6.Develop a “track” program for giving students more options for success.
7.Create a PISD Suggestion Program open to PISD employees and the public. Any ideas selected for implementation would be rewarded with percentage of dollar savings.
8.Create a PISD Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hotline so employees can report an issue without fear of retaliation.
9.I will make myself accessible to the public by designating one business day every week for meeting with taxpayers at the PISD Building, near 15th and Independence. Any issue open for discussion.

I am Paul Kaminsky and I would be honored to have your vote! For more information go to


1. Role Model. As a former teacher and my work with Head Start, I was introduced to the importance of being a role model.
2. Children First. I am an independent thinker who focuses on children that need a mentor in their life. I think giving back to a child is the best gift you can give of yourself. Currently, I mentor several students within schools in PISD.
3. Connections. I have visited all 72 PISD schools. Maintaining connections with students and teachers provides an outlook vital to their decisions on behalf of at-risk PISD students.
4. Character Education. I am a strong advocate for Character Development and would like to continue this work in PISD. Character Education means teaching character traits such as integrity, compassion, patriotism and responsibility. When we teach character education, we are building a mentally sustainable community.
5. Community Service. We should promote policies to instill a greater sense of community service within our schools in order for the students to become more involved in the service, cultural, civic and business areas in the city of Plano.
I am Marilyn Hinton and I would be honored to serve another term as a PISD Trustee. For more information go to:

Go to ‘Voting’ tab to see voting locations.


The PISD laid off 233 teachers. Later that same day without a vote or any major
discussion with the taxpayers, Trustees Missy Bender and Carolyn Moebius
voted for the purchase of a $6M building.

Steven Kravit said, “I’m all for the academy, but I’m against the principle of what
happened the night we laid off 223 teachers and took on more costs to manage that

Tammy Richards and Nancy Humphrey voted against the purchase. Tammy Richards
commented, “I did vote against the building, because we have about 3,000 empty
spaces in our high schools and in our senior high schools.” Commenting further that
the health sciences and IB academies are at existing campuses, “I don’t spend my own
money on things that my family doesn’t need, and I don’t spend taxpayer dollars on
things we don’t need.”

Prior to this meeting, Trustees David Stolle, Nancy Humphrey, Mike Friedman, and
Tammy Richards all requested that the administration explore making changes to the
2009 boundary decision with thoughts toward including a fourth senior high.


Balancing High School Enrollments

Trustees David Stolle, Nancy Humphrey, Mike Friedman, and Tammy Richards all requested that the administration explore making changes to the 2009 boundary decision with thoughts toward including a fourth senior high.

As a result of their own research, the following facts were revealed:

Old 2009 Boundary Decision

• The old 2009 boundary decision forced through by former board president Skip
Jenkins would have required an addition $7m in costs above the $29m planned (or
$36m total) to expand Plano west to accommodate 3,400 students.
• An additional and continuing cost of $200,000/year would also be required for two
sets of busses to the Schimelpfenig neighborhood (an equivalent of four teacher
salaries each year). Schimelpfenig students would have been the only students in
the district permitted to select their high school and senior high school. (Two board members, including board members Skip Jenkins, and Doug Otto, resided in the Schimelpfenig neighborhood.)

Under the old 2009 boundary decision the enrollment of the three high schools would have been as follows:

  • Plano West – 3,400
  • Plano Senior – 2,600
  • Plano East – 2,000

The old 2009 boundary decision provided no benefit of increased opportunity for our
children. The majority of the trustees, led by Tammy Richards, did what they could to
make the best of a bad situation.

2011 Boundary Correction

Under the 2011 boundary correction the enrollment of the three high schools will
now be:

  • Plano West – 3,000
  • Plano Senior – 3,000
  • Plano East – 2,000 (Plano East will be 1/3 empty in spite of the fact that the district just spent $10m to expand its science and fine arts wing.)

• $29M will be spent to expand Plano West to accommodate 3,000 students with
facilities equal to what the other two senior high schools currently have.
• For a cost of $38m, Plano could have a fourth senior high, which would increase
opportunities for our students by 33%. (Note: of the $38m, $25m covers extra-
curricular facilities to ensure parity with the other three senior highs. The district
costs on extra-curricular facilities at the three existing high schools totaled $75m,
which is an indication that the district believes that those opportunities for our
children are important).

Early voting is going on right now!

Election Day is May 11th!

*Note: Neither David Stolle nor Mike Friedman were on the board during the Academy conception nor the purchase of the building.

Plano Families – Issue 3

Concerned PISD and Plano Voter,

We’ve done our homework, NOW WE MUST VOTE for PLANO FAMILIES! This election is the most critical municipal election we have had in a long time. People of integrity, proven fiscally responsible leaders, and those with a servant’s heart were the qualifications we looked for in a candidate. We know our selected candidates meet and exceed all of these qualifications.

Plano Families endorsed candidates are:
FRED MOSES – Mayor –

Early Voting is the easiest and most convenient way to vote. Below are the hours and the polling locations.

Apr 29 – May 1: 8am–5pm
May 2: 8am–7pm
May 3-4: 8am–5pm May 5: Closed
May 6-7: 7am–7pm May 11th – 7am-7pm

Early Voting Locations:
Carpenter Center
6701 Coit Rd.

Christopher Parr Library
6200 Windhaven Pkwy.

Collin College – Spring Creek Campus
2800 East Spring Creek

Haggard Library
2501 Coit Rd.

Harrington Library
1501 18th Street

Murphy Municipal Complex
206 N. Murphy Rd., Murphy

Renner Frankford Branch Library
6400 Frankford Road, Dallas

Davis Library
7501 B Independence Pkwy.

PISD Administration Building
2700 West 15th Street

If you want to make a difference in this election, Study the candidates and vote.  Consider the candidates we have selected since they have the qualifications we contend are important for our leaders.  Please tell 10 friends to consider these candidates as well. They are the ‘Difference Makers’ our city needs to move us forward into the future.

Is there a question you would like answered by a candidate?  Contact them through their website.  They are all excellent listeners and respond to your questions quickly and honestly.  Or you could Email us and we could put it in the next newsletter!

‘Like’ our ‘Plano Families‘ page on Facebook and learn more about the candidates at

Meet the candidates tomorrow over pancakes!


Hello Plano Families!

You all are invited to get to know the Plano Families candidates at our first Plano Families Event:

Sunday, April 28th at 2:30p
Original Pancake House
2301 N. Central Expwy., Plano

Yard signs will be available!

The next few newsletters will be “Spotlights” on each candidate.


‘Like’ our ‘Plano Families‘ page and our website to be up to date and learn more about the candidates at

Encourage friends and neighbors to consider the Plano Families candidates.

Shep Stahel on Fred Moses

Shep Stahel served on the Plano City Council for 9 years beginning in 1999. Prior to that, he served on several councils and boards aimed at improving our quality of life in Plano. Our city is very near and dear to his heart. His endorsement of Fred Moses for Mayor is based in his fondness for our city and his desire to see Plano continue to be recognized as one of the best cities in the country.

Please enjoy this Respected Gentleman of Plano, Shep Stahel, endorsing Fred Moses for Mayor of Plano.

00:45 – Former Council Member Stahel’s Basis for Endorsement
02:15 – Candidate Comparisons
02:56 – The Importance of Relationships with Collin County
03:33 – Comparison Story #1: Zoning Appointments
05:20 – Comparison Story #2: Equity in Plano
06:48 – Comparison Story #3: Real Economic Development
08:43 – Summing up the choices in this Year’s Mayoral Election
09:00 – Moses’ Experience in Economic Development
10:40 – Why Fred Moses is the best candidate for Mayor of Plano